Del Bosque: Mallorca will be harder than Juventus

Del Bosque: Mallorca will be harder than JuventusVicente Del Bosque may face opredelennymi difficulties in the selection of eleven players who will start today's match against Mallorca. It is not known whether to participate in the game, team leaders, Luis Figo, Claude Makelele and Ronaldo. However, coach priznatsa sure all of his players, so the problems with the squad for today's game should arise. On the match against Mallorca another interview head coach: Vicente, which returned "collections"?- Apparently, everything is back in order, but we will monitor their condition until the game itself. So they invited the 21 players to choose players that are in the best condition. Not going to force anyone. Читать полностью -->

In Tbilisi took place without incident

In Tbilisi took place without incidentNo incidents at the stadium in Tbilisi, where on Wednesday the match took place between Russia and Georgia in football, was noted. About it RIA "Novosti" reported to the law enforcement authorities of the Georgian capital.After the match, which ended with the victory of the Georgian football players, a few thousand fans came to the carriageway Avenue Chavchavadze and with joyful exclamations moved towards the centre, preventing the passage of vehicles.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Legends of the Milan clubs about the upcoming semi-final

Legends of the Milan clubs about the upcoming semi-finalLegendary players "Milan" and "inter" - Altafini, Corso, Facetti, Guarneri, Lodetti, Malatrasi, Maldini, Mazzola, Prati, Suarez and Trapattoni, all included in the history of these two clubs in the history of Italian and world football in General, met on Monday at the San Siro stadium in anticipation of the super Derby between AC Milan and inter Milan in the Champions League semi-final. Personally "experienced" in itself, what it means to be the winners of the Champions League, former players shared their opinions about the upcoming match.Trapattoni: "This Derby will be a special and very interesting, as it is irrelevant results home the championship. I think that the game will be extremely tense. Interestingly, decrease or increase the tension during the match".Pacetti: "Who can best cope with emotions, and he will win. It seems to me that there will be more tension and struggle than the beautiful game. I think that the "Derby" of the Italian championship is not forgotten and will serve as a stimulus for "inter".Maldini: "Without Vieri inter will lose a lot, despite the fact that there Crespo, who, being in good shape is a dangerous opponent. Читать полностью -->

Capello can lead Chelsea

Capello can lead ChelseaThe new owner of the English "Chelsea" Roman Abramovich would like to see as a coach of the club of Italian Fabio Capello. According to Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Abramovich believes Capello best of currently employed professionals. 57-year-old coach, which are at present on holiday in Marbella, limited to polite: "I am very pleased that my name was mentioned in this context".. . . . Читать полностью -->

David Seaman. Five minutes chiliarch

David Seaman. Five minutes chiliarch. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Tedeev will again be headed by Spartak-Alania

Tedeev will again be headed by Spartak-AlaniaBahwa Tedeev in the next few days will be appointed to the post of chief coach of "Spartak-Alania". For famous in the recent past, the football player, who returned to the Vladikavkaz team, this will be the second attempt.Last season he in collaboration with coach and consultant Boris Ignatiev saved the club from North Ossetia from relegation to the first division.Nicholas khudiev, who served as head coach of "Spartak-Alania" in the last rounds, will go to the sporting Director of the club. In the near future with the team and its new leadership will meet the President of the Republic Alexander Dzasokhov, who headed the Board of Trustees and took the situation in the team under his personal control.//Sports-Express. . . . Читать полностью -->

The LG Cup

The LG CupThe RFU has offered the national team of Ukraine to participate in scheduled on 19 - 20 August in Moscow the LG Cup. The head coach of the blue-yellow Leonid Buryak interested in the proposal, however, in the return Fax to the RFU said that the same time of the scheduled match of the national teams of Romania and Ukraine in Donetsk. The Russian side has made a compromise: Ukrainian and Romanian team invited to play a friendly in the Moscow tournament, and agreement in principle guides the latter has already received. Recall that the fourth member of the Cup should become the national team of Cameroon.. . . Читать полностью -->

Spartak Gogniev: don't know what could prevent us to beat Georgia

Spartak Gogniev: don't know what could prevent us to beat GeorgiaIn connection with the first Russian team of Spartacus Gogniev talking two years ago. Since then, he has moved from Dynamo, CSKA, participated in losing the final match of the qualifying tournament of EURO 2002 among youth teams, retrained from striker at left tackle... and firmly settled on the bench in the club. And now, it seems, a black stripe behind.- Spartacus, what day do you think are the happiest in your life? - the first question the debutant team.- Suggesting a call to the national team? Of course, this is the most joyous event in a football career. But in his personal life were no less happy days. For example, a wedding or the birth of a child.- Congratulated if you call any of those from whom you did not expect?" No, he called those who had. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Ukraine. Matchday 27

The Championship Of Ukraine. Matchday 2719:00 Metalurg ZP - Dynamo:00 Shakhtar Donetsk - Karpaty. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Shirko sees no crisis in Spartacus

Shirko sees no crisis in SpartacusThe torpedo Alexander Shirko was pleased with his "double" in the gate of the former club: "Our team competently built the game, we were able to better realize their chances. To score two goals against a club like "Spartacus" and not just and honorable. Maybe this match is the best in my Tocadisco career. As for "Spartacus", a game the team has. Sooner or later my former club to get some points. Wanted early, because I care about the fate of former teammates. Читать полностью -->

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