Milan asked Gabri and Motoi

Milan asked Gabri and MotoiAC Milan is interested in two players of the Spanish "Barcelona". It comes to Midfielders Catalan club Gabri and Motta. Both players are well proven in the current season, the result of which became the object of interest from several European clubs.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Double Victory for the Wings

Double Victory for the WingsMatch of the 8th round between Moscow and Samara teams was to be held in Moscow, but due to the replacement of the field at the stadium "locomotive", the first leg will take place in Samara, and the second in Moscow. Thus, Samara fans had the opportunity to watch the play of his team for the second time in a week. The day of the match coincided with the celebration of victory Day, so about the club made a gift to all veterans - free entrance to the stadium. And despite this, the tickets for the match sold out very smartly so that was not surprising to see filled to capacity stadium "metallurg" half an hour before the match. The supporters also came to an important match in Samara and deployed touching the poster addressed after the disqualification Ovchinnikov - "the Boss is always right". The composition of the owners of surprise is not presented, their winning cohort Tarkhanov did not change. Читать полностью -->

The Champions League. 1/2 final. Real Madrid - Juventus - 2:11:0 Ronaldo, 43; 1:1 Trezeguet, 45; 2:1 Roberto Carlos, 73. . . . Читать полностью -->

Zenit will put on the transfer Igonina, Hovsepyan and Osipova

Zenit will put on the transfer Igonina, Hovsepyan and OsipovaIn the list displayed on the transfer of players, "Zenith", which should be published on 30 June, the day of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the club may be three experienced player, the team captain 27-year-old midfielder Alexei Igonin, 24-year-old midfielder Sergey Osipov and 30-year-old defender Sargis Hovsepyan.At the moment Igonin officially listed as injured, Osipov plays for the reserves, and Hovsepian Tuesday night, knowing that there will not be included in the main squad for the match against FC torpedo-metallurg", referring to the injury, left the base in Specific. According to available information, the defender of Armenia already has an invitation from "torpedo". To draw at Zenit eight seasons Igonina showed interest, "Saturn", but the leadership of the Moscow club have seemingly refused to purchase the player. Osipov as close to the transition at FC torpedo-metallurg".. . . Читать полностью -->

Leeds has denied the rumors about moving the app to Manchester United

Leeds has denied the rumors about moving the app to Manchester UnitedThe management of "Leeds" has denied all the rumors related to the transition of the Australian striker Harry the app in the "Manchester United". Earlier rumors that the app is signed with Manchester United in the amount of $ 9.3 million that will help to improve the financial situation in Leeds". However, the management of "Leeds" stated that no contact with the player was not, and he still has 12 months prior to the expiration of the contract."App and his agent already discussing a contract extension with "Leeds". Maybe the contract will be extended for another five years", - was stated on the official website of the club.Coach Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson, according to rumors, wouldn't mind to get the app, as the future of Ryan Giggs at old Trafford is in doubt.. . . Читать полностью -->

Samara leaves Spartak outsider

Samara leaves Spartak outsiderHaving colorless draw against Samara "Wings", "Spartacus" continues to be the outsider of the championship of Russia. Coach red-white Sergey Pavlov called his team's worst of the season.Despite the disappointing defeat, the last match against CSKA shed a real balm for the bleeding from the wounds of despair Spartak fans. Frankly depressed after two rounds fans of the red-whites were convinced that almost all beginners, on which various potencies guest had written a lot of pages are really standing players. The players, for whom the notion of the honour of the club - not an empty phrase, it is filled with magical meaning. More than just inspired by the fact that its need to Spartak recruits, except, perhaps, only Bugs, proved in itself that is the principal match with an opponent, at the moment, which is the real litmus test to check the actual capabilities of any team.Did not stay away from controversial Derby and Chapter nine-time Champions Russia Andrey Chervichenko, whose persona for a number specifically dedicated" fans became almost the personification of the latest failures of the club. And if sharply criticizing the leadership of the national football President as its main objective, namely to cast doubt on the competence of individuals is not reached, additional whist in the eyes of the loyal fans of "Spartacus", often precava boss in Frank indifference to the interests of the club, Andrei Vladimirovich dial is clearly a success.Over the past few years samarians become a boon for the former champion.Previous loss of points in matches with Nizhniy dated 22 July 2000. Читать полностью -->

Monari promises to score CSKA

Monari promises to score CSKAThree goals against the goalkeeper "Wings of the Soviets" Andrew Chichkina sent the same player "Wings of the Soviets" - the home team striker Roman Monari. In the first half, he scored from the penalty mark, and in the second he was twice forced to start "Wings" from the center of the field, after goals from open play. "We wanted to win, but now after a team led by Valentin Ivanov, we had an attitude that was lacking before," said Monari correspondent Р РўР -CРїРѕСЂС‚.Ru. - Your success will explain the fact that, finally, we perform at, the place where people know how to play - in the centre of the attack. In the next match rival "torpedo-metallurg" will be CSKA, and I intend to prove that I was nothing written off from the accounts in this team."". . Читать полностью -->

Henri asks Wenger not to leave

Henri asks Wenger not to leaveThe best scorer of Arsenal Thierry Henry has urged the club to do whatever it takes to keep the post of head coach Arsene Wenger. Also Henri asked Wenger to leave his post."You need to make an effort Arsene Wenger went on to coach Arsenal. His departure to real Madrid, where his name is hard, will be a big hit for our club. All the success of Arsenal in recent years associated with the name of this person. Working with him great pleasure. And it would be very sad to part with it. Читать полностью -->

Ivanov will judge the semi-finals of the Champions League

Ivanov will judge the semi-finals of the Champions LeagueRussian referee Valentin Ivanov was appointed chief referee of the semifinal match of the Champions League. may 7 in the first semifinal of the Champions League he will field the Italian team AC Milan and inter. To help Ivanov will be Vladimir anutin and Gennady Krasyuk. The reserve referee appointed Nikolay Ivanov.. . . Читать полностью -->

CHE. Moldova - Netherlands: match stats

CHE. Moldova - Netherlands: match statsMoldova - Netherlands 1:2 goals: the Wrestler, 16 - van Nistelrooy, 37; van Bommel, Moldavia: hmaruk, Kovalenko, Olenici, Testemitanu, Katinas, Pryanik, Kovalchuk (Berko, 80), S. Ivanov, the Wrestler, Cebotari (Pogrebin, 86), kleschenko (Golban, 63)Netherlands: Waterreus, Reiziger, Stam (rixen, 63), F. de Boer, van Bommel, Davids, Seedorf (R. de Boer, 67), van der wart (van hoydonck, 75), van Nistelrooy, Kluivert, Sendandreceive: Kovalenko, 44 - F. de Boer, budha: SARS (France)on 2 April. Читать полностью -->

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