Spartacus - KS: after the match

Spartacus - KS: after the matchAfter the meeting at a press conference coaching staff of the home team by tradition was represented by Sergey Pavlov, who criticized the nines wards: "So poorly this season we haven't acted. Even lost in the match against "Spartak-Alania" we looked better. Then we had more meaningful action in the attack. Now, along with the gaps in the defense, almost no one gets creative game. The claim is, all players, except Titov. It is difficult to say how seriously damage Bugs, but to continue the meeting, he could not. Читать полностью -->

Hans Krankl sees no chance for the Austrians in the match of the Euro 2004 qualifier against the Czech Republic

Hans Krankl sees no chance for the Austrians in the match of the Euro 2004 qualifier against the Czech RepublicCoach Austria Hans Krankl sees no chances for his team in the upcoming qualifying match of Euro 2004 qualifier against the Czech Republic. The match between these teams will be held on the coming Wednesday. However, despite this, he hopes that his team will be able to learn one thing in this game."If realistic approach to this match, I have to admit that we have almost no chance of winning. We do not need to engage in self-deception," said the Krankl reporters Wednesday."The Czech national team players higher order our players, and the match in Rotterdam against the Dutch national team in their game was virtually no errors. However, we intend to benefit from this meeting. We need to meet with such strong contenders as the Czech Republic".Note that the Czech national team took second place in the subgroup scored 7 points. Читать полностью -->

Zico encourages his players to the manifestation of selfishness

Zico encourages his players to the manifestation of selfishnessCoach Zico Japan urged his players to show a little selfishness, as the team hopes to be successful on the Confederations Cup. The Brazilian has paid tribute to his predecessor Philip trousse for skillfully delivered teamwork, but at the same time noted that players sometimes it would be necessary to depart from a purely team actions and to show personal initiative."Trousse did a great job in four years. But my personal belief is that the players win the game, not the system. See, Argentina and France failed in the world Cup, as their best players were not uniform. Now look at England, Beckham and Owen were in order and the British won. I always give preference to individuals," said Zico."I prefer in the middle of the field was playing for 4 people - continues Zico, is a major change, as most of the teams in the j-League play with three defenders. Читать полностью -->

Italian giants shocked by transfer pictures Kivu

Italian giants shocked by transfer pictures KivuThe interest of the Milan clubs inter and Milan in relation to the Romanian defender Cristian Chivu noticeably cold. Representatives of both clubs met on several occasions with the management of "Ajax", which plays Kivu, and with the agents of the player.However, the transfer value of the player in the amount of $ 18 million, announced the Amsterdam club, can be an insurmountable barrier in the way of Romanians in Milan. Given the current financial situation, the Serie a giants are unwilling to pay such amount. In the race for Kivu are also real Madrid and Arsenal.. . . Читать полностью -->

In Spain the wall of the stadium killed a woman

In Spain the wall of the stadium killed a womanIn Velez Spanish province of Malaga collapsed wall of a building, football stadium "Torre del Mar". As a result, one woman died and a second was seriously wounded.According to preliminary data, the wall was hit by a strong gust of wind, raising just at the moment when the women performed a walk around the closed stadium, said the mayor.Municipal architectural control vГlez finds out whether the defects in the construction.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Beckham doesn't need the real

Beckham doesn't need the realReal Madrid once again denied reports about the intention of the club to purchase the captain of Manchester United". "In response to speculation and much speculation in the media, "real" officially declares that he is not going to enter into a contract with Mr. Beckham said in a statement the club placed Wednesday on the official website of the team. - Despite the fact that the club has a policy not to comment on the rumors about transfers of real Madrid, we are forced to make this statement to put an end to all this speculation.". . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus tries to take Kazan without Kebe

Spartacus tries to take Kazan without KebeToday in the national team of Senegal is due to leave the Spartacist Buy Ibra Kebe, who is called up for a friendly match against Cape Verde (may 31) and a qualifying match of the African Cup of Nations with the Gambia (June 8). Thus the Senegalese will miss the next tour match against Rubin, which would be a serious loss to Spartak given the suspension Kovtun and Mitreski and injuries of Leovac and Demenko. However, for the match in Kazan should be fine Brazilian defender luisГЈo and striker Pavlyuchenko.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Andriy Shevchenko. 3:1 in favor of Italy

Andriy Shevchenko. 3:1 in favor of ItalyBefore each season Milan sets the maximum goals. To solve them, we must strive for victory in any match. Whether it's national championship or the Cup (where, incidentally, we made it to the finals). And of course, the Champions League. But how to play to win in three tournaments?!Before the beginning of each season guide "Milan" bases its selection to the team was supplemented by players, capable of withstanding tremendous emotional and physical stress on all fronts. Читать полностью -->

Cafu goes to Milan

Cafu goes to MilanThe Roma defender Cafu today arrived in Milan for a medical examination, according to soccerage. After its completion he will sign the new European champion two-year contract. For each season, he will receive 1 million euros. Milan will get it for free as his contract with Roma over.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Italian League. 30 round

The Italian League. 30 round0:1 Донати, 22; 1:1 Дони, 76; 1:2 Донати, 89; 2:2 Дони, 9022:30 Roma - Milan. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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