The term comeback Parfenova unknown

The term comeback Parfenova unknownThe return period on the field is defender of FC Spartak Moscow Dmitry Parfenov is not yet known. The player has already started Jogging, and injured leg until bothering him. However, as noted, to vouch for the fact that it will withstand a higher load, while it is impossible.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Radchenko: Why hang his boots in 32 years?!

Dmitry Radchenko: Why hang his boots in 32 years?!Desertica 2 December 1970 in Leningrad.Height 184 cm, weight 78 kg Striker.The pupil of the football school "Change" Leningrad. He played for Dynamo Leningrad (1988), Zenit Leningrad (1988 - 1990), Spartak Moscow (1991 - 1993), for Spanish real racing club Santander (1993 - 1995), RC Deportivo La coruГ±a (1995 - 1996), "Getafe" Madrid (1996 - 1997), "Merida" (1997 - 1998), "Compostela" (1998 - 1999), Japanese "Jubilo Iwata" (1999 - 2000), Croatian Hajduk (2001 - 2002). Since 2002, playing for the Spanish club of the 4th division Bergantinos".In the Championships of the USSR appeared in 55 games, scoring 17 goals in the Championships of Russia - 32 matches, 14 goals. Champion of Russia 1992, 1993, silver medalist of the USSR in 1991. The owner of the Cup of the USSR/CIS 1992. Champion Japan in 2000. Читать полностью -->

Pirlo is unlikely to play this season

Pirlo is unlikely to play this seasonRe-examination showed that the knee injury Andrea Pirlo proved to be much greater than originally anticipated. Thus, the midfielder Milan will miss about five weeks.24-year-old Italian definitely miss response quarterfinal match of the UEFA Champions League against Ajax, which will be held next Wednesday, April 23. But even if Milan manage to overcome the Dutch barrier, in the semi-finals 6/7 and 13/14 April, the Italian also, most likely, will not appear on the field.The trauma of the midfielder received during the preparation to the first quarter-final in Amsterdam ended in a goalless draw. Following an initial survey Pirlo Belgian specialist mark Mortenson was assumed that the player will recover in 10 days.However, at the beginning of this week Pirlo again felt the pain, but because yesterday was repeated scan, which showed that at linebacker, a broken kneecap. The absence of Pirlo will further weaken the middle line of Carlo Ancelotti's team, and we do not get injured before the season's Clarence Seedorf and suspended for the next match Gennaro Gattuso.'t help AC Milan Pirlo and in Serie a, where the Rossoneri after a successful Saturday's Derby against FC Internazionale Milano (1:0), apparently had been hit in the Champions League next season. Wards Carlo Ancelotti coming in second place behind Juventus six points.. Читать полностью -->

Del Bosque will remain, if the club wants

Del Bosque will remain, if the club wantsThe head coach of real Madrid's Vicente Del Bosque said the Spanish press that he wants to stay only if the club sincerely wants to. Contract runs out in June."I want them to be happy with me, but if not, it would be logical for them to find a new coach," he said. "It's a complicated question, but I think the club has to decide and not to make a mistake".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Re-appeal rejected Barcelona

Re-appeal rejected BarcelonaThe appeals Committee of the Spanish football Federation refused a second appeal "Barcelona" on the disqualification of Javier Saviola. Thus, the Argentine definitely will not play on Saturday against real Madrid in the match of the championship of Spain.Barcelona are filed protest the disqualification Saviola to the Committee on the competition, but he was not satisfied. The appeals Committee, in turn, decided not to cancel the decision to remove the striker on one game, and in order to consider the request of the Catalan club, the members of the Committee took only a few minutes.In the game of the last round of the Spanish championship with Deportivo Saviola was sent off for two yellow cards /simulation and deliberate handball/. Barcelona tried to challenge the first warning to cancel the deletion Saviola, which in this case could play against real Madrid.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Russian Team. The main problem is defence

The Russian Team. The main problem is defenceIt is easy to assume that Valery Gazzaev was glad the news of the defeat of the "Locomotive" in Vladikavkaz. It would be strange if he sympathized with the club, which was blocked by CSKA road to the championship, and remains, in spite of the launch failure, a potential rival army team in the fight for championship awards. Yes, and "Spartak-Alania" for Gazzaev not someone else's.However I suspect that when you view the Vladikavkaz match or episodes from CSKA head coach remembered her other work in the national team - and the order was disturbed. What did in the first half, the defense of the railroad, who was in national football sample reliability is worse than in Albania. And the nose is a match in Tbilisi.Not in the best shape Ignashevich - this was clear in Shkodra. Читать полностью -->

FA forgave Aston Villa

FA forgave Aston VillaThe Football Association of England (FA) has decided not to impose a fine on the football club Aston Villa" because of the riots that occurred after the match against Birmingham city FC on March 3. Recall that the match ended 2-0 in favor of the "Birmingham". During the game there were two removal, and after the riots broke out. Police arrested 40 people and two peace officer were wounded.Tuesday on the official website of Aston Villa appeared a message that read: "According to the information received, it became clear that the organization of security on the part of the club and the police was at the highest level. On this basis, and also from the fact that in recent years the fans, "Aston Villa" behaved properly, the FA decided not to punish the club for the riots".Striker "Aston Vila" Dion Dublin was sent off for a clash with Robbie Savage from "Birmingham". Was also deleted midfielder "Aston Villa" Joe Gudjonsson. Читать полностью -->

Between Beckenbauer and Hansom ran a black cat

Between Beckenbauer and Hansom ran a black catScandal between Bayern Munich and the German football League (DFL) around the verdict last about secret contract Munich superclub with mediacontrol "Kirch-Gruppe" threatens to undermine the unity of the leadership of the most titled club of Germany.Recall that in the statement DFL press, published last week, the "Bavaria", who signed with the media giant contract in the bypass current in the German Bundesliga rule on the centralized telemarketing, was accused of violating the principles of fair play. In response to a press release DFL leadership Bayern withdrew their representatives from the structures of this football organization.Judging by the recent statements of the "fathers" of the Munich club's consensus on the way forward in the ranks of the Munich football functionaries not. Recent statements by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC Bayern Munich Franz Beckenbauer containing conciliatory notes, were not impressed team Manager Uli Hines."Franz is the Chairperson of the JSC and on these topics we don't talk, " said a member of the Board of JSC Bayern Munich in an interview with the newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung", has the meaning only what members say the company's Board, all the rest is only private opinions".But Franz Beckenbauer believes that "offside" is not he, and Genes: "Uli confused, said "Kaiser" Franz in an interview with the newspaper "Bild", - the Chairman of Board of JSC Rummenigge and commercial Director Karl Hopfner I contact regularly, but with Uli rarely talk. Our contacts with each other leave much to be desired. He is not aware of many cases."". . Читать полностью -->

Clash of poles

Clash of polesIn the third round of the championship of Russia undoubtedly the most tasty dish for the fans will be CSKA ? "Spartak". After all, meet the 2nd and 3rd winners of the previous championship, two of the most popular club in the country.For this match teams, being on opposite ends of the standings. CSKA ? the leader with six points, "Spartacus" at the 13th place, having only one draw. In the first rounds rivals these clubs were not the leaders of Russian football. However, Spartak lost 5 points and CSKA took the maximum is Not a secret that the main trump card of CSKA and the national team ? this is a wildly energetic playing. The very tactics the army (only attack!) built on constant pressure the opponent, which is primarily associated with strong-willed attitude. Читать полностью -->

Sergei Borovsky will lead the club from Minsk

Sergei Borovsky will lead the club from MinskThe former coach of the national team Sergei Borovsky, until recently heading the championship leader Minsk "torpedo-SKA", accepted the offer to coach the Lithuanian FBK "Kaunas". The contract with the former defender of FC Dinamo Minsk and the national team of the USSR has not yet been signed, but the two sides came to an agreement.Earlier Bohr already headed clubs - Latvian Ventspils and Moldovan Sheriff.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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