Rolan Gusev: Dinamo Fans whistle? So - remember

Rolan Gusev: Dinamo Fans whistle? So - remember- The mood after winning the "Spartacus", of course, wonderful, " said Rolan Gusev. As, however, and after any win. Although simple, it cannot be called because during the match we lost twice and threw up only three points in the final minutes. Of course, such success is doubly pleasant.- How do you feel about the recognition expert and judicial Commission of the decision of the judge Valentina Ivanova on the appointment of a penalty against Spartak wrong?- I'm not interested. If the arbitrator was within two metres, he knows better. TV picture does not always give a good perspective. Читать полностью -->

Van der Meyde ready to leave Ajax

Van der Meyde ready to leave AjaxThe player Amsterdam "Ajax" Andy van der Meyde has stated that he is ready to move to inter Milan. He stated that he had spoken with Aaron winter, which in the 90-ies of the last century stood for "black and blue", and he gave a positive recommendation to this club.The striker is aware that he will be more than serious competition in the face of Christian Vieri and hernГЎn Crespo, but it was not scary. Ajax warned that I will accept the proposal to move to Italy, and to begin this process, you only need to make one phone call," said the player.. . . . Читать полностью -->

We slipped Albanians wrong

We slipped Albanians wrongResourceful Winnie the Pooh - you obviously remember " explained a failed attempt to eat honey that ran into the hollow wrong with the bees. The victim in Saturday's fiasco of the Russian national team, nothing else remains, how to justify the defeat of the meeting with the wrong Albanians. Well, went-into the unknown our country for three "iron" points, expected competitors pragmatic games based on decent (tied for most) is the result, and was faced with a competent, well-prepared in all respects by the enemy that already in the first half, turned everything upside down.And a quarter of an hour, for example, had the Albanians to understand: nominated for best Duo Semak - Kerzhakov much of a threat to their goal. Forward initially ran a lot, changed places, tried to achieve the advantages of using a stroke, but the efforts went, like water through the sand as each acted individually. Yes, tall, fast, excellent positional defenders took care of our forwards tightly, not allowing for the transfer of the depth, at which middle stint.No wonder that, poaktivnichat in the opening match, light cavalry zachys, forcing the recall of heavily armed Beschastnykh and Popov, much more suitable for field campaigns. However, Valery Gazzaev decided to release one of them only at the end of battles, and with the release of the ex-Spartak much has changed. Читать полностью -->

Belgium - Poland: match review

Belgium - Poland: match reviewThe Belgian team has secured a good mood, in a friendly match won 3:1 team of Poland.After the world Cup in Korea and Japan national team of Belgium can not reach the stable level of the game. However, in this match well played striker Genk Wesley Sonck, who opened the score on the half-hour.On the 10th minute the score was 2:0 - the second goal on account of the Feyenoord midfielder Thomas Buffel. Jacek Krzynowek 9 minutes before the final whistle gave, was that Polish fans hope, closing the gap, but Tom Sears immediately scored the third goal against the poles.Belgium began to qualify for EURO 2004? not too confident in the group of 8, she is in third place. The qualifying campaign started for her home loss 0:2 against Bulgaria, but then the Belgians with a minimum score beat Andorra and Estonia. However, in the last qualifying game wards of aimГ Anthuenis received a blow from Croatia - 0:4 in Zagreb, from which, apparently, already recovered. The coach hopes that this success will inspire his charges, which June 7, ahead of the crucial match against Bulgaria at home.Poland was the first European teams have secured a spot at the world Cup in 2002, where it is then extremely poorly made. Читать полностью -->

Grygera does not want to CSKA

Grygera does not want to CSKAAfter Svitlica about his refusal to continue his career at CSKA said and defender Sparta Prague and Czech Republic Zdenek Grygera, reporter "Газеты.Ru" in Prague Tomas Krejcik. According to the football player, who has already expressed a desire to leave the club, he doesn't want to go to Russia, despite the fact that the leadership of the army command made the President of "Sparta" Vlastimil Costelo a very specific proposal 100 million Czech crowns. "I want to go to one of the Western teams," said Grygera. According to some, in the service of the Czech stars interested "Arsenal", "Aston Villa", "important block", Borussia Dortmund and Juventus, who will soon fly to Prague for talks.. . . Читать полностью -->

The race for the presidency of Barcelona, close to the junction

The race for the presidency of Barcelona, close to the junctionOn the eve of elections for the post of President of Barcelona in Catalonia conducted opinion polls on the topic "who Has more chances to take the honorary post.According to the latest data published in the Spanish press, the best chance of Juan laportes and Luis Bassat, which are separated by a fraction of a percent.Laporte is trying to win the trust of the fans by inviting superstars such as David Beckham and Turkish goalkeeper of rusty Recber. Bassat went the other way. He intends to return to Catalonia Josep Guardiola, appointing him to the post of sports Director of the club and to invite to the role of head coach Dutchman Ronald Koeman. Who will win - we'll know on June 15.. . . Читать полностью -->

Schmeichel wants to work in the Manchester United coach

Schmeichel wants to work in the Manchester United coachGoalkeeper Manchester city Peter Schmeichel, intending in the near future to complete a professional career, said that he would like to work as a coach at Manchester United."I dream of coaching in the "United," said the Dane. - Whatever you do, you need to set themselves high goals. Yes, I would, in due time, again to work in this club. But I can only do that as a coach. "Manchester United" I support life, perhaps it is not very good. In football they can do things better.. Читать полностью -->

The referee of the match CSKA Moscow - Rostov received the lowest rating

The referee of the match CSKA Moscow - Rostov received the lowest ratingAccording to the official website of the Association football referees, inspectors matches the 5th round of the championship of Russia put to the judges for evaluation are the following:S. Lapochkin (CSKA Moscow - Rostov) - 6,0;Y. Chebotarev ("torpedo-metallurg - Saturn - REN TV) - 8,4;Ivanov N. ("Spartak-Alania" - "Locomotive") - 8,7;Veselovsky M. ("Wings Of The Soviets" - Chornomorets) - 8,2;Guards A. (Uralan - Spartak) - 8,3;A. Читать полностью -->

In Dynamo came Slovenian striker

In Dynamo came Slovenian strikerLate Thursday evening in Moscow was due to fly Croatian Igor Metallic and immediately go to Bor, home of Dynamo.In 13 games last season, the 20-year-old striker scored for the champion of Slovenia Maribor seven goals. Prior to this, Metallic played in Dinamo Zagreb and in Italian "Pisa". As reported by sports Director Dynamo Alexander Petrashevsky, while with forward contract is not signed.//Sports-Express. . . . Читать полностью -->

The latter could become the first Georgian in America

The latter could become the first Georgian in AmericaForward Archil Arveladze become the first representative of Georgia in overseas MLS. 30-year-old is likely to continue his career in FC Dallas Btrn".The contract Arveladze with German "Cologne" expires at the end of may, and returned to the Bundesliga club are in no hurry to offer Georgian legionary new agreement. Despite proposals from a number of Japanese and Korean clubs, Archil Arveladze preferred invitation "Btra". In the near future twin brother Shota Arveladze will arrive in Dallas, where he will hold several training sessions in the "Btra". As a result of viewing will be decided whether there will be Georgian striker at the club or would be to find yourself a new team.. . Читать полностью -->

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