Juventus - Barcelona: after the match

Juventus - Barcelona: after the matchCoach Turin "Juventus" Marcello Lippi was really upset about a goal by Javier Saviola, which allowed Barcelona to tie the game in the quarter finals of the Champions League."With all due respect to Barcelona, I don't think the draw was a fair result"."""See" throughout the game we created more chances and deserved to win," Lippi insists."We missed some good chances at the end of the match, but it is unlikely that we could do something more"."Now we have a very complex situation, we have no Trezeguet, we do not have enough quality and experience."We have 15 days to build rapport on the field. I don't think we're in for an easy trip to Spain".Radomir antic, the Barcelona coach, was pleased with the result. Now he was looking forward to the future, hoping to support the camp Nou."Today's match was typical for Italian teams. We're not too played well in the first half of the match, but I'm happy with how we played after the break."Although we had to defend and Juventus had chances to win, but in Barcelona it will be different, because we will face 120 thousand people."". . . Читать полностью -->

Gazzaev: the dominance of foreign players in Russia is hurting the team

Gazzaev: the dominance of foreign players in Russia is hurting the teamIn an interview to Sport-Express "coach of CSKA and Russia commented on the situation of foreigners in the domestic League.How do you feel about talking about what the team is invited too many players CSKA? "The best answer to this question will be statistics. In the five matches of the qualifying round was attended by 27 players, nine of them, that is, 30 percent, was represented by CSKA. Of the 12 players who played three or more of the match, three army men - Gusev, Semak and Janowski. A lot of it for the team, for the second year in leading the national championship? Judge for yourself. The main problem of our football in another leading Russian clubs oversaturated Legionnaires. Hence a limited selection of players for the national team. Читать полностью -->

The Russians also allowed for the match Georgia - Russia

The Russians also allowed for the match Georgia - RussiaThe Secretary-General of the Russian football Union RFU/ Vladimir Radionov believes that "the UEFA administration fixed nepridumannoy the decision of the appeals Committee on the admission of fans at the match Georgia-Russia".He commented on the received Monday from a Disciplinary Department UEFA prescription the address of the football Federation of Georgia to provide access to the match on 30 April the Georgian and Russian fans.According to Radionova, the decision of the UEFA applies both to those Russian fans who have tickets for this match, and those who survived tickets for interrupted because of a power outage on 12 October 2002, the match between these opponents.As said the Secretary General of the RAF, many Russian fans now have a reason to go to Tbilisi to support my team, especially because "there is a relevant agreement with the Georgian Embassy in Moscow on preferential issue them visas."". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Arsenal ready to sell Vieira

Arsenal ready to sell VieiraLondon said he was willing to sell French midfielder Patrick Vieira to find the means to be active in the summer transfer market.According to the newspaper the Sunday Express, the gunners will listen to suggestions, which will contain a total of at least 25 million pounds. The French national team player may not sign a new five-year contract. Despite the fact that coach Arsene Wenger had hoped to reach an agreement this week, the player left the club.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus - KS: after the match

Spartacus - KS: after the matchAfter the meeting at a press conference coaching staff of the home team by tradition was represented by Sergey Pavlov, who criticized the nines wards: "So poorly this season we haven't acted. Even lost in the match against "Spartak-Alania" we looked better. Then we had more meaningful action in the attack. Now, along with the gaps in the defense, almost no one gets creative game. The claim is, all players, except Titov. It is difficult to say how seriously damage Bugs, but to continue the meeting, he could not. Читать полностью -->

Hans Krankl sees no chance for the Austrians in the match of the Euro 2004 qualifier against the Czech Republic

Hans Krankl sees no chance for the Austrians in the match of the Euro 2004 qualifier against the Czech RepublicCoach Austria Hans Krankl sees no chances for his team in the upcoming qualifying match of Euro 2004 qualifier against the Czech Republic. The match between these teams will be held on the coming Wednesday. However, despite this, he hopes that his team will be able to learn one thing in this game."If realistic approach to this match, I have to admit that we have almost no chance of winning. We do not need to engage in self-deception," said the Krankl reporters Wednesday."The Czech national team players higher order our players, and the match in Rotterdam against the Dutch national team in their game was virtually no errors. However, we intend to benefit from this meeting. We need to meet with such strong contenders as the Czech Republic".Note that the Czech national team took second place in the subgroup scored 7 points. Читать полностью -->

Zico encourages his players to the manifestation of selfishness

Zico encourages his players to the manifestation of selfishnessCoach Zico Japan urged his players to show a little selfishness, as the team hopes to be successful on the Confederations Cup. The Brazilian has paid tribute to his predecessor Philip trousse for skillfully delivered teamwork, but at the same time noted that players sometimes it would be necessary to depart from a purely team actions and to show personal initiative."Trousse did a great job in four years. But my personal belief is that the players win the game, not the system. See, Argentina and France failed in the world Cup, as their best players were not uniform. Now look at England, Beckham and Owen were in order and the British won. I always give preference to individuals," said Zico."I prefer in the middle of the field was playing for 4 people - continues Zico, is a major change, as most of the teams in the j-League play with three defenders. Читать полностью -->

Italian giants shocked by transfer pictures Kivu

Italian giants shocked by transfer pictures KivuThe interest of the Milan clubs inter and Milan in relation to the Romanian defender Cristian Chivu noticeably cold. Representatives of both clubs met on several occasions with the management of "Ajax", which plays Kivu, and with the agents of the player.However, the transfer value of the player in the amount of $ 18 million, announced the Amsterdam club, can be an insurmountable barrier in the way of Romanians in Milan. Given the current financial situation, the Serie a giants are unwilling to pay such amount. In the race for Kivu are also real Madrid and Arsenal.. . . Читать полностью -->

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