The levnikov dissatisfied with the level of refereeing

The levnikov dissatisfied with the level of refereeingThe head of the College football arbitrators (CFA) Nikolai Levnikov made an official statement in which it acknowledged that the work of judges is not at the proper level. My colleagues Mr. the Levnikov stated: "You must realize that Your mistakes can be someone else's fatal, to negate their long and hard work."". . . . Читать полностью -->

Borussia wants to buy Leeds HART

Borussia wants to buy Leeds HARTBorussia Dortmund last week put out some feelers for a possible transition in the German club midfielder of "Leeds" Ian HART. The Irishman is one of those players, "Leeds", which at the conclusion of the season may be sold due to financial problems of the club. Harts, as est several leading players on the team, has repeatedly stated that it will remain in "Leeds" in any case. However, if the defending champion Germany will do really Seretse proposal, the British can compromise. HART made it clear that next season would like to play in the Champions League. Given the fact that Borussia practically guarantee yourself getting into a top European tournament, the transition Irishman in Dortmund club is very likely.. Читать полностью -->

President Borus wants to kick Bayern Bundesliga

President Borus wants to kick Bayern BundesligaThe President of Borussia Gerd Niebaum said that Bayern Munich will have to leave the first Bundesliga, if she will sign a personal contract for television rights to broadcast.The intention of Niebaum quite serious. Clubs, if signed by Bayern similar document, will suffer financial losses. Currently money from companies doing the German football League, and she distributes them between the clubs. Bayern is the most popular club, so on an individual contract, it will get most of the money previously earmarked for everyone. However, Bayern are unlikely to be kicked out, because it will certainly affect the popularity of the championship.. . Читать полностью -->

PSG plans to get ex-President of Lille

PSG plans to get ex-President of LilleAs stated by the French "Equipe", President of PSG Laurent Perper has to lose his post at the end of this season. According to the newspaper, the club management decided to replace Perper ex-President "Lille" Francis gray. However, the "Challenger" in an interview, "the Team stated that categorically denies everything that reports this edition is on its possible relationship with the Paris club.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The 2003 UEFA Intertoto Cup: the draw

The 2003 UEFA Intertoto Cup: the drawFirst roundtable matches: 21/22 iustitute matches: 28/29 yuna Austria - Gruzia Andorra, Belarus 23 Slovakia 1 - Macedonia Albania - Israel Czech Republic 3 - Armenia Slovenia - Croatia 27 Lithuania - Svezia Hungary 1 - Cyprus 29 Hungary 2 - Bulgaria Poland 1 - Irlandia Finland 2 - Romania 212 San Marino 2 - Luxemburg Wales - Romania 114 San Marino 1 - Estonia Latvia - Switzerland 216 Poland 2 - Kazakhstan Slovakia Cyprus - 2 118 Moldova - Pareri Bosnia - Islandia Belarus - North Irlandia Finland 1 - Maltatoday roundtable matches: 05/06 eulytite matches: 12/13 Yulya Greece 2 - winner of the 21st pariv the Winner of the 7th pair - 3C France Czech Republic 2 - the Winner of the 14th парыD Spain 2 - the Winner of the 8th parie Czech Republic 1 - the Winner of the 10th парыF Switzerland 1 - the Winner of the 5th парыG Italy 2 - winner of the 13th Parin the Winner of the 9th pair - 3I Germany the winner of the 20-th pair - Croatia Belgium 1 1J - winner of the 16th Parik Holland 2 - the Winner of the 15th парыL the Winner of the 3rd pair - Winner 1-th param the winner of the 19-th pair is the winner of the 2nd парыN the winner of the 11-th pair is the Winner of the 12th paryo the winner of the 18-th pair is the Winner of the 4th pair the winner of the 6-th pair is the Winner of the 17th of peritrate roundtable matches: 19/20 eulytite matches: 26 ispovedal pair of J - the Winner of a pair LИталия 1 - the Winner of a pair of Agraria 1 - the Winner of a pair of Franzia 2 - Winner pairs Pobeditel pair B - Germany ispania 1 - the Winner of a pair of GФранция 1 - the Winner of a pair FПобедитель pair of O - Germany pobeditel pair D is the Winner of a pair of Pobeditel pair C is the Winner of a pair of Pobeditel N pairs Is the winner of the pair Hollandia 1 - the Winner of a pair of M. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Hierro refused farewell match

Hierro refused farewell matchOne of the most famous Spanish soccer players Fernando Hierro, to whom the management of real Madrid refused to extend the contract ending June 30 of the current year, categorically refused to take part in the farewell match. About this Hierro officially announced the leadership of the Royal club. Step Fernando explained that two months ago he and the President of real Madrid Florentino Perez made an oral agreement that Hierro will hold in the "white" one more season. That is why the decision of the Board of Directors of the Royal club, handed down on Monday, June 23, shocked as captain of real Madrid and its partners.. . . Читать полностью -->

Football clubs of Spain can disrupt the start of the new season

Football clubs of Spain can disrupt the start of the new season28 football clubs in the Spanish League soccer (6 out of the first division and 22 of the second) threaten to derail the start of the next season. At an extraordinary Assembly of the League of professional football, they have to not go on the field, if before June 30, they will not be signed contracts regarding payment of fees for showing football matches on television. For this decision voted 26 clubs from 28. Only one was against and one abstention, both from the second division. At the Assembly were the representatives of 12 of the leading clubs in Spain, including real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and Barcelona who have not participated in the Assembly, as has already signed such contracts. The President of the League of professional football Spain Pedro Thomas believes that clubs should be a United front to negotiate contracts with the TV, as this will provide them with the best conditions. Читать полностью -->

Rayo Vallecano lost to Valladolid

Rayo Vallecano lost to ValladolidIn the Spanish League started the 37th round. "Valladolid" won "Rayo Vallecano 2-0. Viktor Onopko for Rayo, but did not play. Valladolid - Rayo Vallecano 2:Holy: AGANA, 52, Antonio Lopez, 81, penalty. . . Читать полностью -->

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