AcuГ±a out till the end of the season

AcuГ±a out till the end of the seasonSpanish midfielder Deportivo Roberto acuГ±a because of the injury will be out till the end of the season. The last few weeks in football, the national team of Paraguay was observed aggravation of the injury, and the team's management decided to send him for surgery, which is expected to take place in Barcelona on Tuesday, April 29.31-year-old midfielder, in the summer of 2002 transferred to Deportivo real Madrid of Zaragoza", will miss the 8 remaining games of the Spanish League.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Manchester United - Charlton athletic: match review

Manchester United - Charlton athletic: match reviewIn the first match of the Sabbath day of the English Premier League is one of two competitors for the gold medal, "Manchester United" in their own stadium "old Trafford" peasant took standings "Charlton". The fierce supporters, Manchester United from the first minute rushed forward, attacking, as always, boldly and aggressively. As expected, the result was not slow in coming: on 11 minutes, John O'shea, while on their half of the field hung in the conversion kick the opponent, where in the thick of the fight, the ball bounced to David Beckham, who with 18 meters left put the ball in the upper left corner of the goal. By the way, the ball on the road reserve the leg protector "Charlton" and changed direction, but for the fans of the club, it was important to see spotted in the grid."United's lead, but what happened two minutes later, made the stadium to quiet down. The home team have brought a goal, but rather a defender of Manchester United gave a bad pass to his goalkeeper, he knocked out in the field, but went straight to Jensen, who from 25 yards immediately sent the ball into the goal. The score was even, but would be better if this did not happen, because the "MU" inflated all the momentum and began to attack with triple diligence.As often happens in such situations, the opponent surrendered to the mercy of the ward of sir Alex. Читать полностью -->

CSKA - Spartak. Experts were divided in their opinion

CSKA - Spartak. Experts were divided in their opinionVladimir PILGUY, Dynamo goalkeeper 70-ies:- refereeing Valentina Ivanova seemed normal, unbiased. Sympathy to any team has ever seen. Appointment or not appointment a penalty in a particular episode I do not presume to comment on. To reason about the degree of violation, must itself be the referee in the middle of it.And post here the statement of the President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko, in my opinion, the only possible explanation for his sick imagination. What is someone to prepare against a team sort of conspiracy? So after any defeat can say! The reasons for failure must be sought in the first place in itself, and not the arbitrator. Читать полностью -->

Dugarri fined for spitting at an opponent

Dugarri fined for spitting at an opponentForward "Birmingham" Christoph dugarri fined ВЈ 12500 for spitting in the face of a player, "Aston Villa" Joey of Gudjonsson, reports dailysoccer. The referee did not notice the misconduct of the French, but the camera saw everything. Dugarri was fined on the basis of the movie.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Goalkeeper Spartacus Bugs will miss two games

Goalkeeper Spartacus Bugs will miss two gamesTrauma Moroccan goalkeeper red-white received during the meeting with the "Wings of the Soviets", most likely, will not require surgical intervention. Held today, the tests showed that I Bugs cause damage to the internal lateral ligament. Goalkeeper prescribed ten days of rest. After that he will re-examination, on the basis of which a decision will be made on the final terms of return to duty. Anyway, the next game with the "Uralanom" and "Zenith" African will be compelled to pass.. . Читать полностью -->

Lyon Olympique heading fast for the title

Lyon Olympique heading fast for the titleBordeaux in the Central match of the 33rd round of the championship of France took last year's winner of the national championship Lyon Marseille. Both clubs are very well this season, is a real contender for the title. So to talk about the importance of not worth it. It is worth noting that the owners of the field due to injury were missing their main goalkeeper Ulrich Frame, followed by Frederic Roux.From the first minute of the match the players of FC Girondins de Bordeaux have tried to clean up all the strings in his hands. Interacted well in attack Jean-Claude Darcheville and Pedro Pauleta. Already in the opening meeting this bunch had a great combination, and Darcheville had the opportunity to open an account, but from a good position struck the crossbar. Читать полностью -->

10 years in the Premier League: best of the best - who are they?

10 years in the Premier League: best of the best - who are they?English Premier League 10 years. It is really an event that is impossible to ignore. For ten years, the magnificent English stadiums visited over 100,000 million people, and the gate of the Premier League took in your gut more than 10,000 animals.The official site of the Premier League has published the results of a unique voting, according to which selected the best of the best in English football over the last ten years or decade, or the word unlike the Russian language means only a ten-year time period)). So,the Best player of the decade - only category in which the winner is still undecided. The name of the best player of the Premier League over the last ten years will be known on April 27.Best local player of the decade - Alan Synertrade was to expect a different choice from the British. Now is the time when the classic English style has sunk into Oblivion, as continental Europeans proved its incapacity in modern football. Читать полностью -->

Bassler leave Kaiserslautern

Bassler leave KaiserslauternMario Basler leave "Kaiserslautern" after the season, said Tuesday in club management. The contract of the former Germany midfielder with four-time national champion expires in time for the deadline, and it will not be renewed. Bassler played "Kaiserslautern" from 1987 to 1989, After 10 years, he returned to the club from Bayern."Kaiserslautern" promised that he would arrange midfielder farewell match and will be offered a job at the club after his playing career.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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