Florence will again become Fiorentina

Florence will again become FiorentinaItalian football club from Florence again will be called "Fiorentina". This was announced on Thursday. The head of the club Diego Della Valle found 2.5 million euros to buy the rights to the brand "Fiorentina" from the former owners, and now it needs to transfer money to their account within two months.At the end of last season, Fiorentina went bankrupt and ceased to exist. However, in its place was immediately founded another club, which at first was called "Fiorentina-1926" (1926 - the year of Foundation of the previous command) and then was renamed to "Florence".The other day Florence won the Italian championship in Serie C2/b and next season will be ranked higher.. . . Читать полностью -->

Kirovski and Donovan brought the team USA victory over the Venezuelans

Kirovski and Donovan brought the team USA victory over the VenezuelansThe first goal However, Kirovski in international matches for about four years and a magnificent goal by substitute Landon Donovan brought victory to the United States national team in a friendly match against Venezuela.Venezuela finished the match with ten men: four minutes before the end of the match goalkeeper of Gilberto Angelucci was sent off for deliberate handball outside the penalty area, but by that time the Americans were already 2-0, both goals were scored 52 and 76 minutes.Kirovski was unexpectedly called to the national team coach Bruce Arena. Striker "Birmingham" not played for the national team during the year.In the seventh minute of the second half as a result of the bustle and the crowds of Americans in the opponent's penalty area, Kirovski opened the scoring, after a free-kick. Bobby Conway sent the ball to Carlos the Council after the header, the ball hit the post. Brian McBride went on the rebound, but the ball ricocheted off the crossbar to Kirovski, who, to the delight of 17 thousand fans, opened the scoring in the match.Donovan doubled the score in the 76th minute magnificent goal after the transfer of John O'brien.. . . Читать полностью -->

Gazzaev and Jarosik go to Peter to win

Gazzaev and Jarosik go to Peter to winIn the last round of the first round of the championship of Russia the leader of the championship CSKA will go to visit St. Petersburg "Zenith". The army has already won the unofficial title of Champions of the first round, but according to his head coach Valery Gazzaev, intend to take points away from the wards of Vlastimil Petrzela."All the teams we play in the championship, can be called controversial, so to select "Zenit" from the total number is not necessary, " said Gazzaev in an interview with TV channel "Sport". For CSKA, no matter against whom to go on the field, and no matter the equator now championship or finish. Consider just what "Zenit" performs better on the field than in the guests and we will continue to strive for maximum results".Czech CSKA midfielder Jiri Jarosik, in turn, admitted that he really wants to win the upcoming match, as for Zenit perform his countrymen: "My friends from the camp nearest rival I will say that we will come to St. Petersburg to win."". Читать полностью -->

The Italian League. Inter took the second place

The Italian League. Inter took the second place0:1 Bonazzoli, 13; 0:2 Di Michele, 68 0:1 Colucci, 3; 0:2 she has, 19; 1:2 Filippini, 69; 2:2 Baggio, 86 1:0 Crespo, 9; 1:1 of the rim, 47; 2:1 Crespo, 56; 2:2 Di Loreto, 89 1:0 Benin, 83 1:0 Hubner, 5; 2:0 Maresca, 16 pins.; 2:1 Brokk, 29 pen.; 3:1 Marchionni., 31; 4:1, Hubner, 82; 4:2 Brokk, 89 0:1 Downey, 26; 1:1 Rossi, 30; 1:2 Gautieri, 55 1:0 Pizzaro, 67; 2:0 Jankulovski, 82; 2:1 Lopez, 84 pins. 0:1 Mutu, 15; 0:2 Filippini, 84 1:0 Zalayeta, 15; 2:0 Zalayeta, 56; 2:1 Bierhoff, 61; 3:1 Trezeguet, 69; 3:2 Bierhoff, 73; 3:3 Bierhoff, 78; 4:3 Zenoni, 86. . . . Читать полностью -->

Championship Of France. Embarrassment owners in Marseille

Championship Of France. Embarrassment owners in Marseille1:0 Govou, 39; 1:1 Lesage, 44; 2:1 Career, 84 1:0 Maurice, 28; 1:Niwet 1, 85 1:0 Moreira, 90; 1:1 Luboja, 90 0:1 BA, 11; 0:2 Drogba, 15 1:0 Guillet, 49 1:0 Paliga, 85 1:0 Piquionne, 45; 1:1 Darcheville, 58; 1:2 Hai, 63 an own goal; 1:3 Darcheville, 80; 1:4 Pauleta, 81; 2:4 Delay, 84; 3:4 Frey, 86 0:1 Bamogo, 9; 1:1 Asuar, 43; 1:2 Carotti, 7822:45 Monaco - Nice. . . . . Читать полностью -->

At Diego Fuser problems with Roma

At Diego Fuser problems with RomaAfter this year's world football suffered a terrible economic crisis, nonpayment of wages has become commonplace. The unstable financial situation in Roma, this time with no money left midfielder "red-yellow" Diego Fuser.Former football player Torino, Milan, Parma and Lazio announced that the club had not paid his salary for January: "I Will wait until Wednesday, later I intend to turn to lawyers for help. One thing is for sure - I'm leaving Roma and will probably return in Torino".Recall that Diego Fuser joined the team Capello in 2001 and the terms of the contract for two years stay in the capital was to receive about 4 million euros. This season, the Italian has played just 14 games, which are the tensions player and head coach. At the same time, we note that Fuser not the first who delivered an ultimatum to the club. Defender of Lassissi, which has not been able to cement their team due to injury, is ready to move to Scotland.. Читать полностью -->

Money or career - choice players in Serie a

Money or career - choice players in Serie aWhen it comes to the salvation of football, you can go for much. That was the slogan all the clubs of Italy began to preach the new financial tactics: to cut player salaries, but to extend their contracts. But what is most interesting is the fact that many players were not against it. Here's what the President said, "Parma" Stefano Tanzi in connection with such innovation:"during the year we have managed to reduce the costs of the club by 50%, and this is largely due to the reduction of the amounts of the contracts. I am pleasantly surprised at how understanding and respected that the players and their agents. Each case is considered separately. Читать полностью -->

Derby CSKA - Spartak eyes club presidents

Derby CSKA - Spartak eyes club presidentsWhat status you would be awarded the match CSKA ?SpartacusВ¦? Surpriseparty the usual calendar contest or game?Giner: Probably the usual calendar game - in the sense that the six points for a win in this match no ?SpartacusВ¦ or CSKA nobody will. At the same time, this is a Derby match of two Metropolitan teams. So very very normal it also will not name. The confrontation ?SpartacusВ¦ and CSKA ? it is very important.Chervichenko: the Game is definitely not ordinary. Let's take the fight, the more we're going anywhere - one point after two rounds. The main thing is that the field does not disappoint. Читать полностью -->

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