Shevchenko is the fifth time voted footballer of the year in Ukraine

Shevchenko is the fifth time voted footballer of the year in UkraineStriker Milan and the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko by a vote of coaches, club presidents and football journalists recognized as the home of the football player of the year. This honor Shevchenko was awarded for the fifth time (voting itself takes place regularly since 1991).Shevchenko scored by a vote of 231 points. The second was the attacker "Cologne" Andriy Voronin (105), the third - midfielder of Shakhtar Donetsk Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (36), the official UEFA website.. . . . Читать полностью -->

CL. Before the game

CL. Before the gameJuventus (Italy) ? Barcelona (Spain)Judge L. Michel (Slovakia)last Three games comandments: Basel, Switzerland (g) ? 1:2 (Tacchinardi), Milan (g) ? 1:2 (Nedved), Torino (e) ? 2:0 (goal, Tacchinardi).Barcelona: Newcastle, England (g) ? 2:0 (Kluivert, Mott), racing (e) ? 6:1 (Kluivert-2, Riquelme, Overmars-2, Mendieta ? penalty), Villarreal (g) ? 0:2.Still not clear whether to enter the field, the Juventus midfielder Pavel Nedved, carrying his best season in the "Old lady". In Saturday's match against Torino football player damaged the tendon and in addition received a strong blow on the right knee. In the last days Nedved trained on the individual program. The lack of Cech will certainly negatively affect the attacking team, given the fact that Lippi before the match there are only two big hitters ? Del Piero and Zalayeta. Читать полностью -->

The Elger and Figo can miss the match with Sevilla

The Elger and Figo can miss the match with SevillaDefender of real Madrid Ivan Elahera and midfielder Luis Figo club may miss the match against Sevilla in the next round of the championship of Spain.The fact that the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League has left its traces in the form of injuries. The Elger suffering from damage to his left knee, which he received for a few minutes before the break, while Figo muscle problems associated with the overload.The Elger, however, have been training with the group and it all depends on how he feels in the final hours before the match. As for the Portuguese midfielder, Del Bosque may involve and will be determined before the match.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lebedenko wants in the Champions League

Lebedenko wants in the Champions LeaguePassion for the game and the memories of last season - it is these components, according to the author of the winning goal to the torpedo Igor Lebedenko, and determined the victory of his team. However, forward black-and-white, and the goalkeeper, "Loco" Plato Zakharchuk believe that a draw would have been a fairer result of the meeting.? Remember, it was after the meeting with Lokomotiv last year and began our winning streak in the second round of the championship ? says Lebedenko. ? Not so important, then what we lost with the minimum score ? the level of our play was very good.? Had the meeting with the railroad so similar to the current?? The similarities really are. In both games we conceded goals first. In my opinion, even at the same gate. We gave the initiative in the first half but better in the second. Читать полностью -->

Gerard Houllier defends Gerrard

Gerard Houllier defends GerrardThe main Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier decided to defend his player Steven Gerrard, remote in the last round match of the FA Cup against Chelsea. In many respects it is a red card shown to Stephen, deprived of "red" to be in the zone of the Champions League. However, the Hive is not inclined to blame everything on Gerrard. "It would be good to have more players like Steven. He is a great midfielder. In the end Vieira and Keane is also sometimes remove". Читать полностью -->

CHE. Slovakia - Liechtenstein: match stats

CHE. Slovakia - Liechtenstein: match statsSlovakia - Liechtenstein 4:0 goals: Reuters, 18; Nemeth, 51, 64; Janocko, thlabane: Konig, Petras, Klimpl, Glinka, Karhan, Demo (Labant, 68), Leitner, Cosla (Nemeth, 46), Michalik (Mental, 81), Janocko, Satellitenstand: Yale, Telser, d Elia, Hasler, IIR.Stoklasa, Mar.Stoklasa, Burgmeier, Buchel (Guigonnat 71), Beck, Frick (Nigg, 60), Gerster (Ospelt, 85)Warning: Leitner, 22; Janocko, 59 - Telser, 54; Beck, 47; Mar.Stoklasa, 77; Gerster, 80; Burgmeier, budha: Ceferin (Slovenia)on 2 April. Trnava. "Anton Malatina".. . . Читать полностью -->

Stir in Porto

Stir in PortoDespite the fact that before admission tickets to the UEFA Cup final on sale for 48 hours, the fans of FC Porto have already created the queue. About 100 people have organized a list of the applied for roll call every 30 minutes. Those who were absent at roll call, move to the end of the list. The right to buy tickets only to members of the fan club and season ticket holders, but not without restrictions - only 2 tickets in hand, because the Portuguese quota club - 16 000 tickets.. . . Читать полностью -->

Best, Robson and Ferguson praising MJ

Best, Robson and Ferguson praising MJThe defeat of the "Arsenal" of "Leeds" prematurely determined the champion of England in this season, which became the "Manchester United". Note that for man UTD this eighth title of the champion of England for the last 11 years.One of the best players in the history of "Manchester United" George best in an interview with English TV "Sky Sports" praised about his team: "I was among those who prematurely written off from the accounts of "Manchester United". However, the football team showed, and the quality of the game, which showed that players were just amazing. These players became superstars because they worked for each other. "Manchester United" ruthlessly dealt with their opponents and deserved this title," said best.Former captain of Manchester United's Bryan Robson also praised the "MU": "a Turning point in the fate of "Manchester United" was winning with a score of 6-2 over the "Newcastle". It was a kind of challenge to Arsenal and all the other teams in the Premier League. Читать полностью -->

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