Pobelov: all conditions with Gazovym and agreed Stancom

Pobelov: all conditions with Gazovym and agreed StancomThe coach of FC Shinnik Alexander Pobelov assessed the prospects of newcomers, who are on view in the Yaroslavl club."To V. we are still just looking around.Shtanyuk Khazov and contracts not yet signed, but all the conditions agreed with them. Hopefully in the near future, players will be declared and July 12 to enter the field in Vladikavkaz.Understand that Husovo very difficult after heavy loads and the effects of injury, so no upset - well know what he's capable of".As for the Trinidadian striker Erasto knight, Pobelov noted the extremely low functional readiness of the player. "Send him home. After two workouts a guy almost died. He played in the canadian League and the demands of the Russian professional football was not ready.//'Газета.Ru'.

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