Zidane will not spare his friends Turin

Zidane will not spare his friends TurinOn the eve of the first semifinal of the Champions League real Madrid ? Juventus midfielder of real Madrid by Zinedine Zidane, who previously played for the Turin club, talked a special correspondent for "l'equipe".? On the eve of your team for the first time in two and a half years lost in the home match of the national championship. And lost on all counts! Strongly experienced defeat?? Another would be. It was the worst game of "real" since the beginning of the season. We all slept after that match, survived the incident. However, the fact that the meeting with Juventus will be held on Tuesday, even better: time for soul-searching to do.? How do you assess the protective order "real"? Hierro was booed by the fans, and seems to be on the case? Hierro is a living legend. And, frankly, I think he didn't deserve the booing today. Failed all of us, not just him.? You played for Juventus in 1996-2001 Today you will meet with many of former teammates-? Indeed, I first have to take the field against his former team. But I don't fill his head with it. For me it is primarily a meeting of two great clubs, one of which has the best attack in the world, other ? great protection. And I wouldn't mind if "the Old lady" we played the same way as with "MU".? Do you think this would impact on the game your opponents lack in their composition Montero, Tacchinardi, Davids?? I am very familiar with all three and I must say that I am glad that I won't have to face them on the field. Their absence will seriously weaken the Turin club. However, because we lost Raul.? The Italians delegated to three representatives in the Champions League semi-final. Johan Cruyff believes that the Italian finals is the worst thing you can imagine. What do you think about this?? I don't agree. Yes, Juve acting on defense, but I wouldn't call it a "antifootball". I know what I say: has played in three different leagues and can compare. This football has a right to exist not less than the one that we confess.? You talked before the match with David Trezeguet and Liliana Turama?? No. I didn't call them and they didn't visit. See you on the field. I assure you, to protect each other will not..

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