Ermak can conquer Moscow

Ermak can conquer MoscowThe best scorer of "Kuban" Maxim Ermak during dobavochnoi campaign can replenish one of the teams in the Premier League. Interest in the 27-year-old striker show, in particular, the "torpedo" and Uralan. However, the likelihood of transfer of Ermak this summer is not very high: it is associated with Kuban contract until the end of 2004, and the leaders of the Krasnodar club is unlikely to want to part with a key player at a time when the club really set their sights on entering the elite.High demand and the other leader of the "Kuban" 23-year-old midfielder Andrew TopГ§u, in the offseason, we recall, were on view in "Spartacus". It wants to see in their ranks several Ukrainian clubs in the top division.. . . Читать полностью -->

Finardi called to save Atalanta from relegation

Finardi called to save Atalanta from relegationA day after the dismissal Giovanni Vavassori the Serie a club Atalanta got a new coach. The vacant post was taken Giancarlo Finardi previously coached the youth team of the club. At the moment the club from Bergamo is fourth from the end of the standings and has a real chance to lose my place in Serie A.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Pobelov: all conditions with Gazovym and agreed Stancom

Pobelov: all conditions with Gazovym and agreed StancomThe coach of FC Shinnik Alexander Pobelov assessed the prospects of newcomers, who are on view in the Yaroslavl club."To V. we are still just looking around.Shtanyuk Khazov and contracts not yet signed, but all the conditions agreed with them. Hopefully in the near future, players will be declared and July 12 to enter the field in Vladikavkaz.Understand that Husovo very difficult after heavy loads and the effects of injury, so no upset - well know what he's capable of".As for the Trinidadian striker Erasto knight, Pobelov noted the extremely low functional readiness of the player. "Send him home. After two workouts a guy almost died. He played in the canadian League and the demands of the Russian professional football was not ready.//'Газета.Ru'. Читать полностью -->

Spikelets not accepted the resignation Gazzaev

Spikelets not accepted the resignation GazzaevVyacheslav Koloskov said that immediately after the defeat to Albania coach Valery Gazzaev said the desire to resign.According to Koloskova, in the first minutes after the defeat of the coach looked literally killed this result. However, according to the President of the RFU, care about the Gazzaev team can not be and speeches: "we All know the emotional character of Valery Georgievich, ? said the President of the RFU. I told him to get excited not worth it. Our team has the time to fix the situation".. . . Читать полностью -->

Tormet put on the transfer 10 players

Tormet put on the transfer 10 playersGeneral Manager torpedo-metallurg" Yuri Belous in an interview with "SE" outlined the next transfer plans of the team: "We need strengthening in six positions. It will be truly great players that could really strengthen the team. By the way, their upcoming appearance was the main reason that Valentin Kozmich Ivanov agreed to coach the team and beyond.He also reported potentialdifferenz club, and the players with whom Tormet" intends to leave. "The first freshman defender of the South African national team Tony Coyle. Today he will arrive to Moscow and signed a contract for three years. In the next few days are going to buy from CSKA Manurewa. Читать полностью -->

Andriy Shevchenko has again been named the best player of Ukraine

Andriy Shevchenko has again been named the best player of UkraineThe best Ukrainian player of last season as the Italian striker Milan Andriy Shevchenko.According to the official site of UEFA, in the survey of experts, held since 1991, Shevchenko ahead of their compatriots for the fifth time. Striker Milan team and top scorer in the history of the national team of Ukraine gathered in the survey 231 points, which is about 60% of the vote.Although the 2002/03 season began for Shevchenko is not very good, 26-year-old forward finished it on a high note, making a decisive contribution to the victory of Milan in the UEFA Champions League. He also became captain of the national team of Ukraine, which in 51 matches scored 21 goals.After Shevchenko is 24-year-old German striker "Cologne" Andriy Voronin scored 105 points. Rounded out the top three 24-year-old captain of Shakhtar Donetsk Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, who received 36 points.//'Газета.Ru'. . . Читать полностью -->

Real will bring to Asia all stars

Real will bring to Asia all starsAs you know, the best team of the 20th century - Madrid 'real', is also one of the most popular in the world. 'Royal club' has numerous fans everywhere, including in such Asian countries as Japan. That's why the 5th of August, as part of a tour of the club of Madrid through the Asian countries 'creamy' in the land of the rising sun will play with the team 'Tokita'.'We have a lot of fans all over the world, including in Japan. Therefore, we are considering a trip there where we won the Intercontinental Cup draw Paraguayan 'Olympia', as a very important', said the club's sporting Director Emilio butragueГ±o.Note that the 'real' will tour Asia countries in its star players, without exception. But with regard to the duration of the trip, according to butragueГ±o it all depends on what kind of place is 'real' in the national League. 'If we, for example, will take the third place, it is already the 12th or 13th of August we will have to fight in the Champions League, so we will not be able to stay in Asia', said butragueГ±o.. Читать полностью -->

Zidane will not spare his friends Turin

Zidane will not spare his friends TurinOn the eve of the first semifinal of the Champions League real Madrid ? Juventus midfielder of real Madrid by Zinedine Zidane, who previously played for the Turin club, talked a special correspondent for "l'equipe".? On the eve of your team for the first time in two and a half years lost in the home match of the national championship. And lost on all counts! Strongly experienced defeat?? Another would be. It was the worst game of "real" since the beginning of the season. We all slept after that match, survived the incident. However, the fact that the meeting with Juventus will be held on Tuesday, even better: time for soul-searching to do.? How do you assess the protective order "real"? Hierro was booed by the fans, and seems to be on the case? Hierro is a living legend. And, frankly, I think he didn't deserve the booing today. Читать полностью -->

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